Our Mission

We believe quality sleep is a necessity that transcends culture, creed & circumstance.

The BRYTE Foundation exists to transform lives through quality and restorative sleep. Our mission is to serve and elevate our communities through sleep education, scientific research and community partnerships.

There is a global sleep loss epidemic
— The World Health Organization

1 in 2

Struggle with sleep at least once a week


6 h 32 m

Average length american adults sleep a night



higher injury risk when you get 5 hrs of sleep


educate and empower individuals

We are on a quest to stop the cycle of fatigue. We educate and empower individuals to make decisions today leading to more restful nights.

Sleep is one of the most important factors for good health, but tends to be the most overlooked.


support a global community

Sleep is one of our strongest biological needs to sustain life - you will actually die faster from sleep deprivation than you will from food deprivation

We believe in the restorative powers of sleep and aim to bring the relief of sleep to those in need. In 2018 the BRYTE Foundation delivered sleep mats to our preschool friends in Kilgoris, Kenya. Students at the schools founded by the Kilgoris Project take students in all conditions, healthy and ill for a long day of instruction. Due to cramped and meager sleeping conditions at home, the students are often tired during the day. These sleep mats enable students to find a comfortable place to sleep during the day. Teachers have reported increased performance and focus from the students after a quality nap.

Highlights from the Kilgoris Project


fund cutting edge research

Sleep research is drastically underfunded, thus there is significant need for an infusion of support to better comprehend the power of sleep while alleviating common sleep ailments.

The BRYTE Foundation is committed to funding this vital research. We support projects like Dr. Emmanuel Mignot’s Proteomic Predictors Project at Stanford University which aims to identify biomarkers of sleep debt in such sleep disorders as: sleep apnea and hypoxia, restless legs syndrome, and other diseases. Such research will lead to more accurate diagnostics and treatment.


It all starts with good sleep

Make decisions today to give you well rested nights and better tomorrows.



Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, weekday or weekend.


In the last hour before bed, switch off lights and all screens.


Your body temperature needs to drop 2 or 3 degrees to initiate sleep.